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The 24th Young Movers Conference, hosted by the Belgian Association of Movers is taking place in Belgium from May 3rd to May 6th, 2018.

The Young Movers Conference (YMC) is a yearly get-together of young industry professionals from all over the world. The main purpose of our conference is to offer both an educational and networking environment during which the latest industry trends are exchanged and new business relationships are made.



JOIN US FOR THE YMC2018 in Belgium in May 2018 !

Young movers unite!

Right in the heart of Europe is an event just for you – the 2018 Young Movers Conference.

Once again, the YMC acts like a magnet for the rising stars of the moving industry. People like you – doing responsible work and wanting to advance your career. You are hungry for knowledge, eager for new contacts and wanting to renew existing ones. You can do all this – and much more – from 3 – 6 May at one of the smartest, young-in-heart hotels in Brussels.

We expect anything up to 180 young professionals at this event – and hope you’ll be one of them. The programme is contemporary – including an expert on using social media in business. This is not just the future – it’s the now so we all need to understand it. Plus – there will be specialist panels covering a range of moving topics. This is a highly focused programme designed just for you.
But it’s not all work! Saturday is a big social/activity day when you’ll have fun and make lots of friends. Choose from a team event exploring the city, a visit to a chocolate maker (you MUST know Belgium is the chocolate heart of the world!), and a guided Europe inspired walk and a visit to the EU information centre where you can even make your own movie clip!

You can opt to go battling at an ex-World War 1 fort, fully restored and ready for some soft-air fighting – or you may prefer a day on the golf course. It’s your day!

Back to work – including more business sessions plus a visit to Antwerp’s famous docks. By the time you get home, you’ll have covered a lot of business territory, we promise!

So don’t hesitate – book yourself in for this amazing event. It will be a wonderful investment. Take a few minutes to apply and we will look forward to giving you the time of your life!

The Young Movers conference is officially supported by FEDEMAC and IAM.

Young Movers Conference 2018 is supported by:


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